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Holy Cow Guys! My wedding is only 87 days away.

How did I get here???!!?!

Time seems to be moving at an alarming rate. I started planning when we were 500-something days away, and here we are less than three months from the big day.

Planning has been going wonderfully. Me and Mom sat down this past weekend and really got some projects done. We finished rolling the utensils (OMG so friggin’ cute), stamping cookie/cake bags, and OhEmGee stuffing the invitations. SH*T is getting REAL. Expect to see those invitations next week sometime… unless you’re not invited.. then sorry. 🙁

The Menu is officially planned. Me and my Mom and Aunts went over the line up on Easter to decide what we’ll be having. My family is so amazing… this wedding really will be a group effort. They are making all the side dishes, along with a family friend who will be building a fire pit at the house and supplying ALL the meat for the reception. What would we do without them???

The Menu is going to be very laid back. Think “I-Do BBQ”. Fun, delicious, and still married at the end of the day without selling my kidneys AND liver because I’m in an alarming amount of debt. YES PLEASE. Here’s a little DIY project I did to display the food we will be having. I made this out of a cabinet door I got at our local “ReStore” and some chalk paint! (Seriously, if you Brides out there need some advice on DIY projects and saving money… let me know! I have a blast creating things like this!)

On top of dinner being a family effort, dessert will be no exception. One of my aunts has taken on making FIVE different pound cakes, of all different flavors, to make for our dessert table. I am not sure if any of the guests will be able to pry me away from the Sweets Table?? Another aunt (who will also be marrying us) has offered to make us a small wedding cake so we can have a cutting ceremony. It’s a good thing I am losing weight now because #ImGunnaStuffMyFace. Now that I know I will be having a cake.. I decided to splurge on a topper that I have had my eye on since I started wedding planning. It’s a hand made replica of me and Mike wearing our wedding dress and tux. Once I get it I will update with a picture and a link to the seller. I cannot wait to see it!

We are [patiently] waiting for the snow to melt so we can start working on the list of outdoor projects that need to be done prior to the wedding. We have some landscaping to do, and my parents are building us an arch to put in front of the garden entrance. That’s where we will be having the ceremony 🙂 Everything is coming together perfectly. Before you know it, we will be standing in front of 100 people exchanging vows, on a beautiful SUNNY day!

I’ve finally started planning (being overly excited about) our honeymoon’s as well! We will be going to Montreal for 3 days after the wedding, and then to Cancun in November for a week. My friends from Canada/Montreal area: Suggestions? It will be our first time! Oh, and check out these cute passport and tag I decorated with my new initials!

Okay, enough for now! I will update you all as we get closer!

Cyster Love,

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2 thoughts on “Wedding Planning Update|Lifestyle

  1. Gosh I remember rolling utensils.. 317 bundles of those darn things. Remember all the little parts that completed your day 💜 Hope you get to eat more cake than we did.. all I got was what Jake shoved in my face! We can’t wait to celebrate with you!

    1. Haahaha i hear that the Bride and Groom are so busy that you don’t have time to do much of anything! I LOVE planning, so much fun! It will be a good day 🙂

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