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Hellooooo my fellow Testosterone stricken Cyster’s!

In my attempt to look less like Sasquatch and more like the boujee lady I am on the inside, I have decided to give a new product a whirl. I am sure you have seen it plastered all over Instagram, which is why I am a little skeptical.. Also is there such a thing as “pain-free waxing”? ALSO, I’m obviously not skeptical enough to not spend my hard-earned cash on it, because well, here we are.

For those who haven’t seen/heard of this product, It is a waxing kit that comes with the wax-warmer, wooden sticks to apply the wax, and of course the wax beads (4 bags). I found mine on Amazon for around $35.00. Basically you add the needed beads to the warmer (they come in a HUGE variety of pretty colors!), wait until fully melted, and use the wooden stick to apply the wax to the area that you are going to “painlessly” rip the hair out of your skin. You only need to add a very thin, smooth layer for this to work. It goes on it the direction of your hair, and comes off “against the grain”.

I have a regimen that works for me, but let’s be real. Using several different products that do different things, to different body parts can turn into a real pain in the tush. If I can find ONE product to use on everything that works, then I will be one happy [hair-free] Cyster. Unfortunately Laser Hair removal would be my first choice, but just isn’t in the budget at the moment.


Here is my honest Review

I really, really wanted to love this. It would have made my regimen SO much easier just taking out one product instead of 4 or 5.

Firstly.. As we all knew, it was most certainly not pain-free. It wasn’t too bad on areas like my legs, but once I braved my side burn area… HOLY COW. OOUUCCHHH. The wax is applied with the wooden spatula in a very thin layer. You then give it 5-10 seconds to dry and harden. to remove the wax (and all of your skin and hair underneath it) you have to pull up on the end to make yourself a good little spot to pull with. THAT, is the painful part. It’s like pulling duct tape off of your face at a painfully slow pace.

I didn’t find it as effective as some of my other waxes either (like the Sally Hansen wax I currently use and talked about here). It seemed to pull out some hair, but not all. Which means you have to go back over the same area a second time. I also noticed a couple of areas on my legs had little spots of blood form from where I had so rudely ripped 6 layers of skin off. That makes this product pretty un-tempting for me.

The only positive thing I can find about the waxing bead kit is how easy and clean this set up is. You just have one heated pot. you don’t have to warm anything up in the microwave, and it doesn’t leave your skin sticky like much of the other kits do.

Unfortunately my final suggestion on this product would be NO, I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT TO MY FELLOW CYSTER’S. I may try it out again because I have four bags of wax beads, but I will not replenish once I run out.

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