The Fine Line Between Body Positive and Being a Positive Role Model

*I may make some enemies on this one. I am not writing this blog with the intentions of being offensive. I am simply sharing my opinion on what I believe is an important topic, which I am entitled to do.*

Women today are more comfortable in their own skin than ever.

It seems as though it is finally becoming socially acceptable to just be yourself. The need to conform to what society believes is the perfect body [to feel beautiful] is becoming less and less of an issue. This is such an amazing thing! Every-single-person should love themselves for the person they are, and should NEVER feel ashamed because they have stretch marks, love handles, or a flat bum. We are all different, no two bodies are alike. That is what makes us all unique (and awesome!). So to compare ourselves to another person is just foolish. And I think that is something that is certainly being recognized. How boring would it be if we all looked exactly the same?

I have struggled with self-love and body image issues for as long as I can remember. Constantly putting yourself down is exhausting for the mind and the soul. I would never wish that on any young person growing up. It would be amazing to live in a time when no one needed to feel that way. Although body shaming will never completely go away, one advantage today is that there is never a shortage of AWESOME role models online to take advice from.

This is also where the issue comes into play for me. People don’t realize how influential they are on their [young] audience. There is a trend that I have noticed lately on social media, where women who are MORBIDLY obese are glamorizing the fact that they are over weight and fabulous. Now, before I get hate mail for writing this, please hear me out. I am NOT shaming people who are over weight and creating a positive vibe for those who are dealing with body image issues. I am also not saying that you are less fabulous for being overweight. I simply do not think it is smart to encourage young girls around the world to think it is okay to put your health at risk every-single-day. Please, PLEASE do not encourage our future to be unhealthy.

I myself, am over weight. And I preach that I am working every day to LOVE the skin I am. But I am also teaching that you need to be the healthiest version of yourself. THAT is what these influential women with 1 million followers should be teaching their audience. LOVE yourself, but show your body some love too, by treating it kindly and feeding it the nutrition it needs to live the longest life possible. I’m sorry, but making it seem like being 400 lbs is OKAY, is not okay. There is a difference between carrying some extra weight, and putting your life at risk. Encourage them to exercise, and eat fruits and veggies. But to also never skip that delicious ice cream cone. To love every stretch mark and fat pooch, and to NEVER think that the size of your jeans defines you. But also that making healthy choices gives you more time with your loved ones. These women have so much power at the tip of their fingers to influence our future! Encourage LOVE, both on the outside AND inside!

So again, please do not think I am putting these women down. They ARE fabulous, I just wish they would use all of that awesome girl power to inspire body positivity AND health. Be the influence they need to live the longest, healthiest life possible!

PS… One of my absolute FAVORITE role models on Instagram is @foodiegirlfitness. She shares a perfect balance of Self love, body positivity, and showing that you don’t have to be a size zero to be healthy! Check her out!

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Hello! My name is Heather, and I am a 30 something year old looking to share my experiences through PCOS, Infertility, and my journey to Self Love.

2 thoughts on “The Fine Line Between Body Positive and Being a Positive Role Model

  1. I think you are absolutely spot on here! It’s wonderful to love your body and to encourage others to do the same and it’s even better when that’s paired with living a healthy lifestyle. I love that you wrote this! Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much! I was a little scared to post this one, but I think it is something really important! Thank you for your kind words!

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