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RESOLVE was kind enough to share my story This National Infertility Awareness Week! Check out the link above! They are doing wonderful things bringing awareness to the community. Check out their website for tons of great information! www.infertilityawareness.org

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Hello! My name is Heather, and I am a 30 something year old looking to share my experiences through PCOS, Infertility, and my journey to Self Love.

3 thoughts on “#FliptheScript on Infertility

  1. Hi lovely – I’m sorry to write here but wasn’t sure how else to contact someone on this lol! I’m starting a Mug Swap for a group of women who have lost a baby/struggled to conceive. You basically get a bit of info about your chosen women (likes/dislikes) – pick the perfect mug for them and send them one over (maybe with a wee hand-written note/jar of coffee/teabags etc) and then you would get one back! It can be a great wee pick-me-up for people. There’s loads of info online. If it’s something you would like to be involved in, then please send me a wee email. I have one lady left based in the U.S who doesn’t yet have someone to send to so i’m desperately trying to find her a partner! nikkihayes86@gmail.com xxx

    1. Hi Nicole! I would love to participate, I will reach out to you by email later today! Thanks for thinking of me! 💚

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