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Two weekends ago I was given the most BEAUTIFUL Bridal Shower ever.

It was small, intimate, and exactly what I wanted. I am not one for being the center of attention, so the less eyes on me, the better. My mother set the whole party up at her house, and invited Aunts, Cousins, Grandmothers, Mikes Mother, and Aunts. All of my closest family was there to celebrate with me.

They decided to make the party meal “Brunch”, so there was a delicious display of Quiche, muffins, scones, sausage, finger sandwiches… the list goes on and on. Seriously, how am I supposed to lose weight with cooks like this in my family?? It was amazing.

After stuffing our bellies and mingling for a bit, we all moved to the living room where I was completely spoiled with tons of beautiful gifts. The thought and love that went into each  gift I received makes my heart feel so full. I appreciated every single one (and would have been happy with just your presence!). It basically took me an entire week, and mike building me new shelves in a closet, to slowly put all of my awesome gifts away. To everyone.. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.

My sister and cousin Kasie also put together some fun shower games to play. The first one was a classic and HILARIOUS. It was wedding themed “mad libs”. If I could bottle up the laughter in that room for whenever I was feeling down.. I would never feel down again. I was slightly traumatized when someone from my Memere’s group used the words “bumping ugly’s” and soon found out it was indeed my Memere that picked it.. but hey all in good fun, right?! HAHA

The second game was awesome, because I have a ton of new songs to add to the reception play list. Kasie made up a poster board with a list of songs that were each chosen by my guests. I then had to “pin” the name of the person who chose the song in the correct place. My favorite part about this game was learning something sweet about each family member that I didn’t know. Like where they met their soul mates, or how long ago they danced to the select song for their “first dance”.

Weddings are beautiful. I think one of the most special things about this time has been how much it brings family together. It is so special to have such a wonderful family to share this time with. And I am so excited to be gaining new family members that I am so fond of.

Thank you to everyone that made my beautiful shower happen! My wedding is officially ONE MONTH AWAY and I cannot even believe it! I can’t wait to celebrate and share our special day with everyone we care about!!

Cyster Love,

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful shower! You’ve got less than a month to go now. I just hit the two-months-to-go mark for mine last week. 🙂 Hope to hear more about your wedding in a later post.

    1. It’s crazy how fast it goes by, isn’t it?? I’ve been engaged for nearly two years and I cannot believe it’s almost go time!! Congrats to you!! It’s such an exciting time!

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